The NFL Guru 

No one puts in the work I do to ensure that your money's on the right side of every NFL game!

Offseason Notes

Why me?
No one works harder than me when it comes to accumulating knowledge around the NFL. I religiously stay on top of all possibilties, probabilties, and outcomes. I can personally guarantee you winning money, if you stick with me over the course of the season!
My Picks
When it comes to making picks, I am at the top of my game. I havent been under 53% ATS in the past 4 Seasons. Everything sent to clients, has already been broken down multiple times. I use data available via multiple analytics websites, combined with constantly watching gametape. No guessing, no alternative facts. Just winning.
My Track Record
In 2016, I finished 92-73-3 ATS for a winning percentage of 55% counting the 3 ties against myself.
  1. Where to Find Me
    Follow me on my Social Media! Instagram: @NFLPicksFitz Twitter: @NFLPicksFitz